Pictures of the Transformation of Humanity:

Art as the Language of Human Development

With Van James 

Artist, Author, Educator

Hawaii, USA

By the end of this Masterclass, you should come away with:


  • How one can use art as a teaching and healing tool
  • A sense of how human development parallels child development
  • How the development of humanity is an actual artwork in progress
  • An understanding of the physical-spiritual nature of art


Art plays an incredibly important role in the development of creative capacities, in expressing emotional intelligence and laying the foundations for trans-disciplinary cognitive faculties, both in children and adults. Art is the balancing agent for hand, head, and heart enabling holistic growth and transformation in humanity. Art is particularly important for nurturers and those who work with others since it provides a medium for expressing original ideas, emotional deepening, and directed actions. Thus, art enriches communication and clarifies its role as the visual language of human development. In this presentation on the importance of art, Van James will introduce a broad overview of how art, throughout time and across world cultures, is a picture of the evolution and transformation of who we are and what our potentials are as human beings. The presentation is for any curious learners, artists, and for longtime practicing nurturers.

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