“Parenting a child through early childhood is the most important human task, as far as life on earth is concerned. When it is done with love, sincere intention, and utmost dedication, a significant contribution will have been made towards the progress of human evolution” – Thahn Cherry, Author of “The Art of Parenting”  

We welcome you to the Parent’Studio – on this beautiful journey of being a parent, bringing a young life on to our planet, and nurturing it with love and care. Bringing a child to life can be one of the most profound experiences a human being goes through. You are the first and greatest teacher and influencer of your child. You are taking on the role of an artist and sculpting this pure ball of love and divinity.

The process of molding this tender being into a brave, conscious, wise, and balanced adult can be quite a task, especially in this age of technology where your child is vulnerable to overstimulation in its own surroundings. Good parenting asks for a lot of love, openness, mindfulness, and skill. In our fast and busy lives finding a work-life balance and fulfilling the job of being a good parent can be challenging.



However, we would like to make this process rewarding, meaningful and an artistic experience that is therapeutic and healing to you and your child’s soul. We have created this studio for parents and nurturers and would like to invite you to join hands and become a part of this community that will empower parents to meet the challenges of raising their children. Here, you can find ways to support yourself, understand your beliefs, create and break boundaries, and seek support and guidance if necessary.

The best time for you to join the Parent’Studio is when you are planning to bring a child into the world. This is so that you can equip yourself with knowledge, skills, and support throughout the process of nurturing your child until they become young adults. However, any parent at any stage of their parenting process is welcome, as we have created specific age-appropriate sub-groups. 

When you become a part of our studio, you will have the opportunity to attend our weekly live webinars (talks, interactive workshops, community conversations) and receive 1-on-1 support throughout your journey to meet the challenges that you may have to deal with at different stages.

You as a parent could also share your expertise or skill in this studio. For instance, a parent could be a great baker, knitter, nutritionist, artist, or dentist. We believe every parent has something to share and we welcome you and your gifts in this studio!

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