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“Unveiling Mysteries Beyond the Physical: 

 Exploring the Dimensions of Human Existence”

Jeff Martin

Anthroposophy Teacher, Trainer




Part One & Two ( 4 Hours Total )


Rs. 3600 INR or 48 USD

Being Human
In simple terms, many people today, especially in science, only see humans and nature as made up of physical matter, operating only through physical forces. Ancient wisdom talked about realities beyond just the physical, as higher, spiritual dimensions. Modern physics also talks about multiple dimensions, but these aren’t yet used to explain human mysteries like consciousness, sleep, life and death.
Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, explored these dimensions alongside the physical world. He not only perceived and understood them in a modern way but also laid the groundwork for advancements in science, education, arts, medicine, agriculture, and social systems. This discussion aims to help you understand how these dimensions influence our lives and how they enable spiritual freedom.

What can you expect to take away:

    • A basic, experiential understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental concepts concerning the nature of our human being.
    • An experience of how human nature manisfests within a hierarchy of physival, soul and spiritual dimensions.
    • How to begin- through simple self-observation and imagination exercises- to perceive the reality of each of these dimensions.
    • How to comprehend the levels of present-day consiousness- coma,sleeping, dreaming and waking- in terms of these dimensions.
    • Indications of how our soul fully experiences these dimensions on its journey after the death of our physical body.
    • An understanding, via these dimensions, of the higher faciltiesof spiritual perception and how they can be developed.

About Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin was born in the United States, where he studied science and philosophy at university. When he discovered the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1968, he went to England to study Anthroposophy at Emerson College in Sussex and then attended the College’s Centre for Social Development. Following his training, he began a career as an organisational development consultant. For many years he worked throughout the world at applying his understanding of human social and spiritual dynamics as a trainer, analyst and mentor in every type of business and organisation. For the past 20 years he has been researching and teaching Anthroposophy to adult students, teachers and trainers in the United States, England, Germany, France, Malaysia and China.

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