The Four Large Watercolors

Seasonal Painting themes based on Rudolf Steiner’s originals of 100 years ago

With Van James 

Artist, Author, Educator; Hawaii

New Life
Three Crosses
Archetypal Plant

        In Asia/Europe/Oceania:           January 7, March 24, June 23 & October 6, 2024 (Sundays)

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM (IST) 
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Rs. 7400/$100 USD 

(Four Sessions)

Archetypal Man/Animal
  • Van James will guide beginners, intermediate and experienced artists through these color-imaginations of the circle of the seasons and the world of the colors. 
  • Participants can join all four workshops or choose specific ones, and no prior experience is necessary. 
  • The sessions include hands-on painting, conversations, and discussions.
On the centennial of these festive-themed pictures, four online painting sessions will work with their formative color stories. New Life, Three Crosses, Archetypal Plant and Archetypal Man/Animal will be explored in connection with the festival times of year: Christmas/Winter, Easter/Spring, Saint John’s/Summer, and Michaelmas/Autumn. These were the last four watercolor paintings created by Rudolf Steiner in connection with a deepening of his work in Spiritual Science and the significance of the cycle of the year.

Each Session Details:

Christmas/Winter Theme (New Life)

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Rs. 1950/$30 USD

Easter/Spring (Three Crosses)

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Rs. 1950/$30 USD

Michelmas/Autumn (Archetypal Man/Animal)

Sunday, October 6, 2024

Rs. 1950/$30 USD

About Van James

Van James is an artist, author, Steiner-Waldorf educator and international advocate for the arts. A longtime teaching-artist in Hawai’i, he is a council member of the Visual Art Section, School of Spiritual Science, in North America, and an award-winning author of numerous books on culture and the arts including Spirit and Art: Pictures of the Transformation of Consciousness (Anthroposophic Press, 1991), Drawing with Hand, Head and Heart: A Natural Approach to the Art of Drawing (SteinerBooks, 2012), Teaching Art History: Engaging the Adolescent in Art Appreciation, Cultural History and the Evolution of Consciousness (Waldorf Publications, 2022), and Painting with Hand, Head and Heart: A Natural Approach to the Art of Painting (Waldorf Publications, 2023).

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