presents online masterclass series on:

Unveiling Mysteries Beyond the Physical 

with Jeff Martin

 Anthroposophy Teacher, Trainer 


"To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself,
take real interest in the world."— Rudolf Steiner

“Through the span of these twelve sessions, participants will explore the basic ideas and perspectives of Anthroposophy – the reality of our physical, soul and spiritual being, our existences though life and beyond death, the nature and evolution of consciousness and the fundamentals of spiritual Self-development.” 

Regular : 230 USD / RS. 17,200

Certificate : 340 USD / Rs. 24,800

Individual(Part 1&2) : 42 USD / Rs.3200

Exclusive to certificate participants, a certificate of attendance endorsed by Jeff Martin will be provided, along with access to each session recording for a duration of ten days.

Session Details:

Session One: Exploring the Dimensions of Human Existence (Part One & Two)

Total of 4 Hours 

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In today’s scientific worldview, humans and nature are often seen purely as physical entities governed by physical forces. Ancient wisdom, like modern physics, spoke of the existence of higher dimensions and forces. However, for the ancients these were spiritual dimensions and forces beyond the physical realm. Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, delved into these dimensions alongside the physical world. The results of his spiritual research paved the way for advancements across many practical fields. This study aims to explore how these dimensions impact our lives and progressively contribute to our spiritual freedom.

Session Two: Voyages Through Life and Between Death and Rebirth

19th & 26th May, 2024; Sundays;

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In Session One, we explored Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the human being’s 9–fold dimensional organisation, encompassing body, soul, and spiritual anatomy. In this session, we delve into how these dimensions interact through karmic development, shaping various states of consciousness between life and death and rebirth. This provides a comprehensive understanding of humanity’s present cycles of existence. 

Painting by Gerald Wagner

Session Three: Exploring Cosmic and Human Evolution: Part I

23rd & 30th June, 2024; Sundays

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In this session, we’ll delve into Rudolf Steiner’s perspective on the evolution of our nine-fold dimensional organization, tracing its coming into being from the trinity of the Logos through a progressive creation process guided by spiritual hierarchies. Steiner’s research suggests that not only do humans evolve over time through incarnations and excarnations, but our planet itself has undergone cosmic transformations from spiritual states to its current physical form. Join us as we explore the cosmic evolution of our physical, life, and astral bodies, leading up to the integration of the human “I”.

Session Four: Cosmic and Human Evolution of the Past and Present – Part II

21st & 28th July, 2024; Sundays

In Session Four, we journey deeper into the evolution of the human spirit, soul, and physical bodies, tracing their development from our prehistoric origins discussed in Session Three. A focal point will be Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the Seven Cultural Epochs, spanning from ancient India to the present day, illuminating how consciousness has evolved over these epochs and the significance of modern materialism in shaping human freedom. Understanding these epochs is crucial not only for comprehending shifts in consciousness during human evolution but also for the educational principles of child development informing Waldorf Education.


Session Five: Cosmic and Human Evolution of the Future

15th & 22nd September, 2024; Sundays

The concepts concerning body, soul and spirit dealt with in this series are taken from the results of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual-scientific research. Steiner’s methodology, rooted in meditative practices, allowed him to develop higher organs of soul and spiritual perception. He believed that with dedication, all healthy individuals with goodwill, could also cultivate these faculties, akin to learning essential skills like reading and writing. Our focus will be on Steiner’s fundamental concepts regarding esoteric development, emphasizing the refinement of pure thinking, feeling, and willing, alongside the processes of spiritual initiation. Steiner delineated three levels of spiritual development – Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition – achievable through meditative work and spiritual exercises, which we will dissect and elucidate during our session.

Session Six: The Dynamics of Pure Thinking, Feeling and Willing

13th & 20th October, 2024; Sundays

In our final session, we embark again on a journey into the realms of cosmic and human evolution, focusing not on the past or present, but on Rudolf Steiner’s visionary insights into the future. According to Steiner’s spiritual research, we find ourselves at present beyond the midpoint of cosmic evolution’s trajectory through time. Prior to this midpoint, stretching across eons, the cosmos and our Earth descended into the physical realm from lofty spiritual heights. However, the significance of this midpoint lies in the current process of Earth and humanity’s return to those spiritual realms whence we descended. Looking ahead, a future awaits where all is once again spiritualized. Those individuals who have progressed in their development will naturally ascend to higher levels of consciousness, transitioning from mere creations to becoming creators themselves. Join us as we contemplate the transformative potential of humanity’s cosmic journey toward spiritual realization.

About Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin was born in the United States, where he studied science and philosophy at university. When he discovered the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1968, he went to England to study Anthroposophy at Emerson College in Sussex and then attended the College’s Centre for Social Development. Following his training, he began a career as an organisational development consultant. For many years he worked throughout the world at applying his understanding of human social and spiritual dynamics as a trainer, analyst and mentor in every type of business and organisation. For the past 20 years he has been researching and teaching Anthroposophy to adult students, teachers and trainers in the United States, England, Germany, France, Malaysia and China.

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