Our Trainers

van james profile-compressed

Van James

Author, Educator, and Teaching Artist

Hawaii, USA

Michal Ben Shalom 

Educator and Teacher Trainer

Stephanie Cleary

Early Childhood Educator,  
Yoga & Simplicity Parenting Instructor

New York, USA

Nancy Blanning

Early Childhood Teacher,
Therapeutic Educator & Author



Vishwas Parchure 

Outdoor/Experiential Educator

Corporate Trainer

Pune, India

Dror Schneider 


Certified Practitioner &


Instructor on Holistic Approach to


Neuro Development & Learning Efficiency


San Francisco, USA

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna 

Developmental Paediatrician and Author


Thanh Cherry

Early Childhood Educator, Author, Teacher Trainer

Sydney, Australia

Rahima Jan2018 smaller

Rahima Baldwin 

Parenting Expert, and Author

Colorado, USA

Jack Bryant

Hand Work Expert

Los Angeles, USA

anand mandaiker

Anand Mandaikar 

Anthroposophist, Priest, Counsellor


Tania Hungerford 


Teacher Trainer, Art Therapist, Counsellor


Melbourne, Australia

Tom Hungerford 


Bothmer Gymnastics Expert


Melbourne, Australia

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