Presents Masterclass #1.5 on

Mandala as Portrait

with Van James

Artist, Author, Educator | Hawaii, USA

On Saturday, 19th December 2020

Part of the ‘Transformative Power of Art’ Masterclass Series

This class will move from the portrait and self-portrait in terms of outer appearance into depictions of an inner symbolic nature. 

We will investigate the history and dynamics of the mandala as an “essence container”, 

a window of the soul, before exercising various divisions of the circle. 

We will then attempt a symbolic mood-portrait in the picture-language of a mandala. 

Newcomers are welcome, no experience is necessary. (Materials: Drawing paper and colored wax crayons).

Pursue this individual Masterclass #1.6 (non-certificate) or attend the entire series as a Certificate Course

Individual Session Fee: Rs.2000 or $30 USD only

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