Exploring the World of Fables and
the Wonder of  Natural Science

The Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom in Grade Two and Four


 Daniel Stokes

Poetry, Speech & Drama Teacher; Teacher Trainer

 Portland, USA


The needs of the Second and Fourth Grades are vastly different.
How do we find and tell ‘Truthful’ stories that meet their development?

In Asia:

February 11,18,25 and

March 3,10,2024  (Sundays)

8:30 – 10:30 AM (IST)

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Rs.8950 INR or $130 USD 



In this certificate course of five sessions, participants will develop skills in learning and telling stories both 

at home and in the classroom. 

Our Goals:

1.Learning storytelling skills.

2.Discovering what is essential and meaningful in a 2nd and 4th Grade story.

3.Embracing high quality podcasts as a resource tool.

The participants will choose from a selection of 2nd grade ‘Animal Fables’ or from stories that
arise from 4th grade in ‘Human and Animal’ Lessons.

Podcasts can be an excellent resource for teachers as they move into the higher grades.
Grade 4 stories will be developed by listening to episodes from the podcast ‘The Wild’ by Chris Morgan.
Participants will work intensely in small pods and share their stories with the team.


What stories are appropriate for these two different age groups and why?

How do we combine the elements of wonder and natural phenomena through our stories in our Human and Animal Lessons?

About Daniel Stokes

Daniel has worked within the Waldorf Education movement since 1975. He received his teacher training at Emerson College, England and a diploma for Speech and Drama in Sydney, Australia. He co-founded Mythos Storytellers and Looking Glass Theater which performed and led workshops in schools across Australia. Over the past 30 years Daniel has been a class teacher and has brought a love for the spoken word, specifically its use in the classroom, through courses in poetry, storytelling and drama in Waldorf training centers throughout the U.S. and Asia. 
He currently lives with his wife in Portland and spends much of the year  training teachers and mentoring in Waldorf Schools.
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