The Four Temperaments:

A Window to Our Understanding of the Child

With Michal Ben Shalom

Teacher Trainer, Mentor


On 10th & 11th October 2020


For a total of 4 Hours

Rs. 2350 or $35 USD

Knowledge of the four temperaments can be a gateway to understanding human nature. This knowledge has been used by teachers, philosophers, doctors, and healers since ancient Greece. Rudolf Steiner indicated that in the second seven-year cycle of a child’s life, the unconscious expression of a child’s temperament can be a window to the child’s being and a golden moment for the education of their temperament. As nurturers, we can gently help children by meeting the needs of their temperaments. Our task is not to work against nor change a child’s temperament, but to recognize what the child is striving to express at this stage of development and how that expression can bring conflict, harmony, kindness, or even new direction to those around them. Temperaments change throughout a person’s life, and as adults, we can consciously work to balance our own. 

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What can you expect to take away:

  • Acquire an authentic map of the four temperaments and how to apply it
  • Recognize the dominant temperament as an expression of the child’s inner being
  • Understand the extreme expressions of each temperament
  • Learn how to help your child when temperament goes out of control, without causing conflict or damage.
  • Learn how to facilitate transformation through mastery of the temperaments
  • Examine your own temperament and how it affects your reactions to others
  • Discover yourself: who you are as the nurturer and what role you play in your child’s life
About Michal Ben Shalom

Michal Ben Shalom co-founded the first Waldorf school in Israel 31 years ago. Since then, she has been a class teacher and active in mentoring new teachers. She co-founded the first Waldorf teacher’s seminar in Israel and later on started the National Forum of Waldorf Education in Israel. Her mastery and area of expertise lie in: class teaching (25 years), methodology, movements, and child observation. Her work has taken her all over the world (including India & Nepal) to various teacher trainer conferences and seminars like Goetheanum, Asian Waldorf Teacher’s Conference (AWTC), as a presenter, and key-note speaker.

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