Veil Painting and the Art of Transparent Color

An Introduction to Wet-on-Dry Watercolor Painting


with Van James 


Artist, Author, Educator 

Hawaii, USA

Join international teaching-artist, Van James, for this short course on watercolor painting. These three, one-and-a-half hour classes are for those interested in learning the basics of the wet-on-dry watercolor approach, popularly referred to as veil painting. There will be instruction in preparation, application, techniques in watercolor medium, essentials of color theory and future theme suggestions. We will aim at completing two pictures during this course so that participants may continue successful veil painting on their own. Note: recording is available to be rented for the missed session*.



Total Fee for Individuals

Rs. 9350 INR (Indian Participants)

$140 USD (International Participants)


What do you receive?

 -A total of 5 recordings of the sessions worth 6.5 hours



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