Picturing the Future of Humanity:

Artistic Exercises for Nurturing the Soul

with Van James 


 Artist, Author, Educator


Hawaii, USA

September 26, 2020, Saturday 


9:30 AM -12:00 PM Indian Standard Time


Continuing our exploration of human transformation through Art we will build on our previous session. We will take it further and view more recent pictures of our human development, engage in more artistic activities, have breakout sessions and conversations.

This two-and-a-half hour online session will incorporate figure drawing in a very elementary manner for all levels of beginners, nurturers, and accomplished artists. We will render the human figure from two different developmental perspectives using this experience as a basis for further visual artistic studies into human development.  

Have drawing paper, crayons, and soft-pastels available and a clear working space beside your computer for this session. Please note that session recording will only be provided to folks who live in time zones where the talk is past their bedtime.

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