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In order to become nurturing beings, we need to be nurtured with love and care right from day one: at home, at school, and in the greater world. The way we raise our children through our parenting and schooling is what determines what children grow up to become. 

According to Rudolf Steiner, (an Austrian Philosopher & Educator) children need to experience ‘Goodness’, ‘Beauty’, and ‘Truth’ throughout the developmental stages of their lives. Hence it is important we are conscious of our thoughts, feelings actions, and the experiences we give ourselves and our children throughout the process of growth. We must create a safe space so that we (our children, ourselves, and family) can be empowered and enabled to become balanced human beings and leaders in the future to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

Especially in these times of social change, economic, political, technological, and health challenges, we need to be alert to what is required of us. This offers us an opportunity to create a safer space for nurturers and their children and use the gifts of technology to build a vital and more connected community that nurtures and fosters growth together. 

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