Dror Schneider

Dror Schneider is a practitioner of HANDLE ® (Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency). She works with children and adults with learning challenges, autism, brain injuries, and other neuro-developmental difficulties. Dror’s interest in holistic approaches to health goes back some twenty years. She directed the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco from 1993-2003, co-authored “The Handbook of Self-Healing” (Penguin, 1994) and worked mostly in the field of natural vision improvement during that period. She researched, developed methodology, worked with clients with various visual impairments and taught classes in the US, Europe and Israel. She presented in international conferences on natural vision improvement and co-hosted two conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. She got involved with HANDLE in 2004, first as a parent, and in the following year started training with The HANDLE Institute. She is certified as a Practitioner and Instructor, as well as a Supervisor of HANDLE Interns. She maintain my affiliation with the HANDLE Institute.  
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