Frequently Asked Questions about HANDLE Level 1

    • Is it necessary for me to take the Introduction to HANDLE workshop before enrolling in HANDEL level 1?
      No, you can enroll in the level 1 course right away. No need of any pre-requisites
    • Will it only be beneficial to me if I have children?
      It is a neurodevelopmental modality that can be used with people of all ages.
    • Is it only for special needs children ?
      No, it can be beneficial to anyone.
    • Will the course certificate will allow you to perform this technique professionally?
      No, it will be a certificate of attendance that will allow you to continue with HANDLE at a higher level.
    • Will there be a recording if I can’t go for a day or two?
      HANDLE does not allow the course recording to be distributed with anyone thus you will not get the recording. However, if you miss a day or two you are welcome to attend the same session with any ongoing HANDLE course, available with any other HANDLE trainer around the world, and once your 8 hours of attendance is complete you will get the certificate of attendance.
    • HANDLE has how many levels?
      It has 4 levels in total.
    • Will you be conducting workshops for further levels?
      Yes. However, it depends on number of nurturers interested for the course.
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