Presents Masterclass #5



with Anand Mandaiker

Architect, Priest, Anthroposophist


On Saturday,5th December 2020

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Indian Standard Time

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM, Swiss Time

Rs. 850 or $13 for New Participants

Rs. 750 or $12 for Old Masterclass Participants

adolescents 5
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“Adolescence is when Teenagers become allergic to parents”


(Lisa Damour in the Washington Post April 11, 2018)

Or when parents become difficult as in a German saying

For parents it is a challenging time – trying to understand what takes place behind the walls that the youngsters put up around them.

Rudolf Steiner calls this period – the great metamorphosis. 

What can you takeaway from this Masterclass?

  • Understand the world of the adolescent (13+) and prepare to deal with this phase as a nurturer.

  • Understand elements of human metamorphosis, how it occurs in teens, and how to nurture them. 

  • Using exploratory methods to manage potential conflict & turn challenges into an opportunity for holistic growth and development of teenagers spirit

  • How to empathise with and support resistant adolescents in times of inner turbulence, especially during the hormonal change that occurs during puberty

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