Nancy Blanning 

Nancy Blanning is an early childhood educator with a special interest in movement and has been working with young children in Waldorf settings for nearly 40 years. She has served as Denver Waldorf School faculty since 1987 as both lead kindergarten teacher and educational support staff. Nancy is a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at national and international Waldorf early childhood conferences. She is co-director of Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at Sunbridge Institute in Spring Valley, NY, and is a guest faculty at other teacher training programs. Nancy has also traveled widely as mentor and consultant to Waldorf schools in the US and Canada. She is editor of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association journal, Gateways, has edited several books, and is author of Walking with Our Children: The Parent as Companion and Guide. DWS colleague, Laurie Clark, and Nancy have written and published movement imaginations for Waldorf early childhood teachers, Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures, Vol. 1 and 2.

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