Rudolf Steiner’s Seven “Friedwart” Sketches:

Painting Motifs for Teaching the Adolescent and Training Oneself in the Art of Color

with Van James

Artist, Author, Educator Hawaii, USA

In Asia: Sundays, July 23,30 &

August 6,13,20,2023

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (IST) 
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One hundred years ago, in 1923 Rudolf Steiner gave seven pastel sketches as themes for adolescent students to work with in watercolor painting. These included a sunrise and sunset, trees in sunny weather and trees in stormy weather, a tree by a waterfall, a profile head study, and a mother and child motif. They have since become part of a painting training for artists. What is the significance of these pictures as artistic exercises? In this online painting workshop we will explore each one of these themes in terms of their color build-up and formative inner necessity, as well as why they are appropriate for the adolescent and the artist. The five sessions will take place on five consecutive weekends in July and August 2023. 
This course is for teachers, artists and students of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

Regular Participants: 

Rs.11950 INR/180 USD

Certificate Participants:

Rs.17500 INR/260 USD

About Van James
Van James is an artist, author, Steiner-Waldorf educator and international advocate for the arts ( A longtime teaching-artist in Hawai’i and a mentor for Gradalis Teacher Education.
Van is a council member of the Visual Art Section of North America, a mentor with the Academy of Himalayan Art and Child Development, editor of Pacifica Journal, and an award-winning author of numerous books on culture and the arts including Drawing with Hand, Head and Heart, The Secret Language of Form: Visual Meaning in Art and Nature and the recently published Teaching Art History: Engaging Adolescents in Art, Cultural History and the Evolution of Consciousness.
(Click here for Van’s YouTube Channel  on painting)
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