Working with The Twelve Senses

Understanding Senses from Anthroposophical Perspective

 With Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna

Developmental Pediatrician 

13, 20 & 27 November, 2021, Saturdays


Fee: Rs.6,350 INR or $ 95 USD


Image taken from the book “The Twelve Senses” by Albert Soesman

“It was Rudolf Steiner who first proposed that there are twelve senses. His theory on senses was later expanded by various authors. It is important to develop and use as many of your senses as possible because each sense reveals another aspect of the sensory reality. Sensory perception also forms the basis of your relationship with yourself, your surroundings, and the people around you. If you want to learn to observe well, you must use your senses comprehensively and frequently.
With practice, you will find yourself observing more and more, as the different senses complement each other.

There is a relationship between sensory perception,
and health and vitality. Your vitality increases if you observe intensively and perceptively. At the same time, the healthier and more vital you are, the more intensive and perceptive your observations.” 
– Tom van Gelder 

What to expect from the workshop?
– 90 Minute session, once a week to discuss some of Rudolf Steiner’s Teachings on 12 Senses
– To do some practical exercises during the week
– Please keep 60-90 minute of your time free for these exercises every day 


About Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna is a pediatrician (neonatologist) with 25 years experience.
She founded Little Hearts Children’s Hospital and also the Saandeepani Centre for Healing and Curative Education in Hyderabad, India for children with special needs and developmental delays. She was the President of Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, and is very well regarded across multiple geographies for her integrated approach to health and well being. Her approach includes consultation, teacher training workshops for schools,
child development workshop for parents, and family meetings. She has worked extensively in India, Nepal, Singapore, Australia and, more recently, the US. The primary focus of her work has been with Steiner schools in Australia as a school doctor. Since 2007 she has worked extensively in Australia as a lecturer and health educator, particularly within school communities.

Learn more about Lakshmi here!

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