Vishwas Parchure

With 12 years of corporate experience and 29 years in the field of education (children & adults), Vishwas brings to his facilitation a variety of experience from Sales & Marketing, Teaching, Training, Peace building in communities, Outdoors, and Adventure.

His travels with Play for Peace and desire to build peaceful communities have taken him to Canada, the USA, N. Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East to work with organizations involved in building peaceful communities. His Corporate facilitation work has taken him all over India, and other countries – Dubai, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Czech Republic.

His experience and application of the experiential methodology in the classroom over 30 years includes working with teachers to have more exciting classrooms and travels into the outdoors with children. Expeditions of body and mind are common practices in his methodology. He has the ability to manage large groups, creating for them powerful experiences short and long, so that the meaning emerges as a result of their own initiative and engagement. He also has considerable experience with Senior Leadership teams and has designed experiences for teams in Peru, Costa Rica, Croatia, and Sri Lanka.

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