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Why do we get Cancer

A Medical and Philosophical Perspective

“I remember treating a lady of 75 years having breast cancer. She hailed from the foot hills of Himalayas with a rich lifestyle, food from her organic farm, a very happy and settled family life, financially extremely sound and to add on an avid practitioner of yoga from the age of 10. She is also one of the founder member of Himalayan school of yoga and lifestyle management. Why did she get this disease?? Puts the entire scientific causative factor data into questioning.”


Join me, Dr. Ravi Doctor, in understanding the disease from medical and philosophical perspectives. 

With Dr. Ravi Doctor

Homeopathy & Palliative Med, Anthroposophic Mistletoe Expert, Mumbai, India

November 26, 2022, Saturday

7:00 – 8:30 PM (IST)



About Dr. Ravi Doctor

Dr Ravi Doctor is a Homeopathic Physician. (Specialist in Integrative and Palliative Oncology). An Associated Professor and HOD of Virar Homeopathic Medical College. He is Certified in Palliative Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital and Integrative Oncology and Mistletoe therapy/Anthroposophic Medicine – Lukas Klinik Switzerland. 
He is a 
Consulting Physician in Dept Of CAM. Saifee Hospital, Masina Hospital and Mumbai Police Hospitals. Founder member: RD Holistic and Cancer Wellness Clinic Colaba Mumbai. Click here to visit his website.

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